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When a Neighbour Knocks

about the book

Beautiful, in an unaffected way Anastasia Nickleby, known to her friends as CJ, lives in the world of art and factious characters, her friends think she is as mad as a box of frogs. Romance has avoided her until she takes her neighbour to Pick n Pay in Randpark Johannesburg. CJ hop scotches into a bottle store, in search of wine, for inspiration.

She encounters a 6ft 4inch, hunk of bulging muscle and manly flesh, something that no Chardonnay would ever emulate. Rhett Campbell is no ordinary man and is employed by The Firm, as a special agent who investigates espionage, and syndicate crime. They coincidentally encounter each other through the course of the day, and end up at her favourite pub. Rhett Campbell finds himself drawn to the ditsy artist, writer, even though he knows that a relationship outside his work is frowned on.

Ex-boyfriend Paul materializes and an angry encounter transpires ending with CJ throwing wine over him. She flees to her home. A series of events link the three and a deadly plot unravels.

CJ’s friends’ Cynthia and Debbie are delighted when Rhett takes her to his fortress to protect her from Paul who had become aggressive and he had intensified his stalking. “I cannot take you to your house CJ. I am in the business I know what people can do.”

Ping, Rhett’s man servant is ecstatic about the new addition to the household, but CJ’s personality finds the restrictions that are placed on her confinement difficult. She becomes the defiant escapee, and the night mare of The Firm. She leads the bodyguards on a merry dance and puts herself in danger, forcing Ping to wag his finger at her and say, “You a welly naughty lady.”

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